Stuffing and casing machine for coppa, rolled bacon, bresaola

Function: Casing

The modeling-casing machine is produced in 4 models, for whole or sliced products.

The design of the mold-casing machine and its manufacture make it possible to have a machine with high productivity (because it makes the operator’s work easy), easily sanitized over time, safe, reliable, with which to obtain qualitative results such as shape and compactness unattainable with machines of other manufacturers. For composite products to be sliced, it is possible to achieve complete muscle adhesion before casing, making it easier to clip, ensuring the compactness of the slice even at the joints.


Products from 80 mm to 150 mm in diameter can be processed, and the mold lengths, in the various models, are 520 mm, 740 mm, 950 mm and 1,100 mm. Real productivity, on a daily average, ranges from 120 to 300 pieces/hour, depending on the model and product.

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