Carve macerators for cooked products

Function: Tenderize

The purpose of tenderizing is actually to have more and better distribution of soluble brine protein to optimize the production process of cooked products, regardless of their quality.

In fact, it is possible to obtain a better distribution of brine in high quality products, or to increase the amount of brine absorbed in so-called lower quality products. The best stable binding results can be obtained by balancing the brine composition, the percentage of injection, the effectiveness of the tenderizing, through the choice of the technology best suited to the characteristics of the final product and the massaging cycle. Cooking is also influenced by the tenderizing for obtaining stable brine-protein bonds.

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The cutting pressure is pneumatically adjusted to define the depth of tenderizing and meet different technological requirements. The size and design of the blades prevent the deposit of aponeurosis on the cutting profile, ensuring that the best performance is maintained throughout the work shift and over time. The pitch of the cutting blades is chosen according to the characteristics of the product, initial and final.

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