Molding systems for traditional molds and for long molds

Function: Molding

Molding is defined as the placing of meat intended for cooking, whether of pork or poultry origin, into molds of different shapes and materials.
The molds may be made of stainless steel or aluminum, for traditional products or for products intended for slicing, with microperforated intermediary foil, such as is Cartene, or of vacuum heat-sealable plastic material. Another possibility is to place thermoformed or vacuum bagged and clipped products in the molds, in order to give the final product a regularity of shape that would not otherwise be obtainable. Rationalizing the molding lines should make it possible to contribute to the production of cooked products of the required quality, in the smallest possible space, saving energy and materials and optimizing ergonomics.

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Best organoleptic quality

The products, with Cartene or in heat-sealable bags, are deaerated and vacuum-treated passing through our treatment tunnels to obtain the best organoleptic quality. After an operator places the appropriate lid, the molds pass through our automatic mold presses and then are placed on the cooking frames, trolleys or overhead conveyors, even through the action of our facilitators or automatic mold loaders.

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