Multi-molds Legostampo system

Function: Multi-molds

The innovative system comes from the need to have an operating mode that uses the same mold at all stages of production, for any cooking weight loss, whatever the technology, and that optimizes logistics, reduces energy consumption, improves ergonomics, reduces the use of labor per kilogram of finished product, reduces the demand for square meters and cubic meters per kilogram of product, allows better slicing yields, even with the thinnest slices, with less weight given away.

The LEGOSTAMPO multi-mold system is technologically flexible,suitable for all production needs and for all cooking technologies and techniques. It meets all requirements, starting from R&D to the most automated and high-performance plants, with no need to change either the molds or the handling and transport systems.

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with separate mold and lid, compensation and coupling systems in the heads, it can be pressed again, also suitable for research and development, can be used in piles or on overhead conveyor trays.


with lid elastically connected to the bottom of the mold and with coupling and stabilization devices at the ends.


with lid firmly attached to the bottom of the mold and with hooking and stabilizing devices at the ends, suitable for no weight loss products. Can be made with internal dividers and be supplied without lid for bacon and pate.


for producing whole products with traditional shape in " composed" and "unique" versions.

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