Cured deli Meats

industry 4.0 salting process

The best salting process must follow the natural process time of the product, without forcing it, in a delicate and effective way. For over 40 years Fava Giorgio Axel ‘s customers have been obtaining high quality products thanks to the particular shape of Fava’s machines and relative tanks; in fact they guarantee a homogeneous salting and an effective massage of coppa, pancetta, bresaola, culatelli, loin, speck, etc., favoring the natural osmotic salting process. Fava’s salting and massaging machines allow to obtain the most homogeneous distribution of the salt both in the single product and in its totality, without requiring any modification of the technology, from the salt cell to the drying rooms.The uniformity of the treatment allows a significant reduction in the amount of salt, with no needs for any additives.

Fava’s salting and massaging machines are modular and allow the machine to grow with the customer’s production needs; the mobile tanks, with wheels or stackable, in fact allow a gradual investment, with an excellent payback already starting from 5,000 kg per week. Purchase costs and labor savings allow the quickest payback period even compared to vacuum tumblers, which Fava Giorgio Axel also produces.

The tank’s loading operations are extremely easy and the machine, in the case of stackable tanks, can be fed with electric pallet trucks and, in the version with automatic loading and unloading, with LGV or AGV. Fava’s salting and massaging machines meet the most recent standards in terms of safety and have always been the best for easy sanitazing, ensuring product healthiness.

They are equipped with a PLC and a touch panel provides a simple and intuitive man-machine interface, also thanks to the software that guides the operation. Fava’s salting and massaging machines can control the massage speed and, thanks to a thermal probe, measure and record the temperature of the product; they can also be equipped with load cells for product’s weight control.
The in-process and in-progress monitoring systems, with tanks that can be automatically identified by transponders, ensure and track the quality of the product, qualifying the production processes in a documentable way and connected to the factory information system.

The machine can also be equipped with remote maintenance and remote control systems. In summary, it is a machine that has all the requirements of Industry 4.0 with these devices.