Cured deli Meats

Salami and raw ham handling

Handling heavy loads is an increasingly topical problem, not only in presence of high trolleys, high frames and overhead frames but also of stackable frames or wheels frames.
In the existing realities the automations and the facilitators are difficult to be inserted because there’s not enough room and moreover the productivity is small, for this reason the payback is long.

Our solutions

Our company offers innovative solutions to handle salami.
The particular design allows to minimize the requested room making the insertion in the departments easy (a loading machine 1,50 meter long – working in front-back mode – is enough to load a 1,20 meter long trolley). It permits to make simple, cheap, easy to wash constructive solutions that have very low maintenance costs. In other words we offer customized solutions for all the needs.
Our offer is complemented by the machines to hang salami on bars, they can be completely automatic or semi-automatic.