Cured deli Meats

Bresaola: less salt with our technology

WHO (World Health Organization) has been waging a battle for years to reduce salt consumption.
A high-sodium diet is deadly; studies have linked it to high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks. In 2005, the World Action on Salt and Health (WASSH) association was founded, which pursues the same goal as WHO: to reduce daily salt intake to less than 5 grams.

Therefore, it is essential to have processing technology that, by ensuring the best absorption of salt, allows for limiting the amount added and, more importantly, the amount present in the product.

Why have some producers of bresaola, but also of other cured products, chosen our salting and massaging machine with mobile tanks?
One reason is that our technology significantly reduces the amount of salt to be added for product preservation.
Another reason is that our technology promotes a homogeneous and uniform distribution of salt in each individual product and at every point of the product.
It also avoids excessive surface dehydration, caused by too rapid cortical absorption of salt, (as is often found in products treated with vacuum salting technologies) which is responsible for organoleptic decay.

With our technology, a more uniform color and, above all, a more pleasant flavor is achieved due to the reduced perception of savoriness and the absence of acidic hints.