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Why choose our modeling and casing machine?

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The casing and modeling machine is the most innovative and safest machine on the market dedicated to molding and casing whole products, such as coppa, loins, bresaola and rolled products such as pancette (bacon) and pancette coppate.
It is the only machine of this type equipped with certified safety sensors controlled by safety control unit. The machine’s features allow perfect casing of rolled products and compactness of cylindrical products with automatic flattening of the ends.

Why choose our modeling and casing machine for coppa, bacon, pancetta, bresaola as well as for roasts and more?


Real Productivity

Defined by machine time and operator time. While it is relatively easy to reduce machine time, it is only the machine design that optimizes operator time for the entire workday.


In our machine, product loading is done in a mold that has no side or top encumbrances, and the absence of drawing between the funnel fins minimizes the force to hold the casing in the casing stage, even in the versions for products to be sliced.


It only takes your eyes to see that the flattening of the ends is real (the lengthwise binding is easier and better), that the compactness, essential in composed products, is total (thanks to an extremely rigid machine, both in terms of the thickness of the materials and the guiding systems of the moving parts), and that product drawing is minimal (thanks to the precision of the manufacturing and the full-coverage funnel).


Our molds are easy to disassemble and open-structured, meaning there is no possibility that a small crack could become a contamination trigger.


We make safe machines through careful analysis and the use of the best components.


A historical fact: we forget about our customers who have our model-filling machines, and not because they go elsewhere, but because they do not need maintenance that is not really ordinary.

Industry 4.0

We are on it!