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Labeling with certified weight

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Labels that wrap around cured meats have both an aesthetic function, showing the company’s brand name, and a commodity function, indicating ingredients, nutritional tables and producer data. The labeling of salami is normally followed, for free-service sales, by the application of a second label, on which weight and price are indicated, which often overlaps with the brand name or data that should remain visible.

Our ETIFLEX-W labeling machine makes it possible to detect the weight of each product and print it,in clear and bar-coded form, also with the price indication, in a pre-defined position and without adding additional labels, thus avoiding an additional step, providing the best service to customers and ensuring the best aesthetic appearance. The solution adopted makes it possible to have an approved weight-price labeling machine, even when applying partially wrap-around labels, as well as to carry out checks by weight class, with consequent selection.

An additional advantage offered by our ETIFLEX is the possibility of limiting label storage and facilitating label handling. In fact, it is possible to write the texts in the language of the destination country, avoiding the need to print labels with illegible characters because they are too small, thus ensuring respect for the consumer. You can write the name of the product (so only one type of label for dimensionally similar products) and enter the details of the manufacturer and distribution chain, if required.

Our ETIFLEX-W is a solution that allows you to achieve clear reductions in production costs, direct and indirect, with an extremely compact machine and to give excellent service to your customers while paying the utmost attention to the needs of the consumer, so those who decree your success.