Automatic skewering machine

Function: Skewering

The SPDCSA is an extremely compact machine that, in the first station, performs the insertion of the sticks into the product already placed in the composition molds. Thanks to the special construction solution, the sticks closely follow the pre-drilling needles, thus inserting themselves into the newly made holes in the product in which they are perfectly guided, even in the case of arrosticini (small kebabs).

The same machine has, alongside the first one, a cutting station, which is effective, precise and safe.

Our skewering machine is capable of handling products of different sections and different lengths, and the ergonomics of loading and unloading increase its real production capacity.

Information sheet

Operator panel

The touch panel interfaces with a PLC that allows storage of operating parameters, which can be recorded in recipes, and enables connection with the company's management system and our remote technical support service.

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