Modular skewering machines

Function: Skewering

The production of skewers makes it possible to recover less valuable parts of meat, as well as trimmings of meats, vegetables, fish, however with a considerable use of labor.

Our skewers make it possible to produce skewers quite similar to those made by hand, with the same freshness of appearance and without special limitations on the components used. It is possible to produce skewers with white or red meat, with vegetables such as peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes, or with cheese or vegan products, or even with seafood, from fish pieces to shrimp.

The presence of a pre-drilling head makes it possible to process hard products, such as beef or meat chilled to a few degrees under zero.

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Kebab Skewer Machine

Touch screen operator panel

The electrical panel with touch screen has a PLC that allows storage of operating parameters and connection with the company's management program and with our remote technical assistance service.

Skewer Machine

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