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Function: Skewering

The use of hard meats, such as sheep, allow for uniform cooking of meats only if they are small in size; if not the outside would be overcooked. For this reason, “arrosticini,” small skewers that not only allow for quick and uniform cooking, but also lend themselves to being eaten while walking, in other words, they are finger foods now no longer made from sheep meat, but also from pork or poultry.

Often these types of skewers are produced locally, even in butcher shops, thus allowing the recovery of trimmings and, at the same time, better quality due to the use of excellent raw material.
Molds are used for production but require skill and time to properly insert the skewers.

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Kebab skewer machine


Each cube holds 225 skewers for the 15 x 15 mm section, 196 skewers for the 16 x 16 section, 121 skewers for the 20 x 20 section, 81 skewers for the 25 x 25 section and finally 49 skewers for the 30 x 30 mm section.
The sticks to be used are 250 mm long and have a diameter of 3 mm. The cube filled with meat is inserted into the skewering device from above and the simple actuation of a crank allows the insertion of one row of sticks at a time. After the sticks are inserted, operation of a lever causes the cube to descend one step, setting it up for the next row of sticks.
Moving the crank in the opposite direction prepares the loader to receive the sticks and, at the same time, pre-drilling is carried out by inserting the corresponding steel needles into the product. In this way the sticks will be guided through the introduction phase, with no risk of breakage or mistakes. After inserting the last row of sticks, the cube descends below the machine body so that it can be pulled out.

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