Casings Desalting and Washing Machine

Function: Desalting

Natural casings, no matter the animal from which they are obtained, are stored under salt in containers to ensure their preservation without using the cold chain. The importance of desalting is related to the osmotic process of drying and curing salamis. It is indeed important that the salt concentration of the casings is at the filling similar to that of meat salting, whether whole or minced.
The salt concentration of salted casings is 12% to 15%, while the salting concentration is on average between 3% and 4.5%. Excessive salt in the casing can cause inhomogeneity of salting of the product up to detachments between casing and meat.
Our LVA and LVE machines are the best answer for quality and desalting time and for reducing water consumption.

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Programming through operator panel

Programming is done through an operator panel; thus, it is possible to adjust treatment times, rotation speeds and other parameters that can be stored in individual recipes. The optimization of recipes according to the type of casing and its origin allows a constant percentage of salt in the casings, to the advantage of the quality and homogeneity of the cured product.

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