Robotized packaging

Function: Package,Handling

The use of 4- to 6-axis robots makes it possible to set up packaging islands with automatic bag pick-up, whether taped or overlapping, to insert them around the product, conveyed by thin belts, and then pick it up and deposit it orderly, with the mouth suitably flattened, on the belts of vacuum heat-sealing bell machines.

Our lines are suitable for products with a round section, such as mortadella or cured meats, whole or in halves, or rectangular or square, such as cheese slicing logs, or similar vegan and vegetarian products.
Islands can be made with multiple robots, operating independently or in synchronism.

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The gripper itself is capable of flattening the mouth, when deposited on the vacuum machine belt, to make subsequent sealing easy and reliable. The high adaptability makes it possible to optimize the size of the bags in order to reduce and minimize the use of plastic material. The graspers are easily interchangeable to allow the handling of products from 100 mm to 290 mm in diameter, just as the gripper part is modular so that it can pick up products from 0.3 to 1.2 m long and beyond.

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