Automatic Loader and Unloader for hanged products

Function: Handling

The handling of heavy loads, such as hanging or lying deli meats, often struggles with limited space and a considerable number of trolleys, frames, trees and racks that are usually not designed and made for automation.
The TFRC load handling system solves these problems because it requires less space than competitors and has a self-adaptive SW to use existing equipment as much as possible.

In order to keep the footprint small, we have designed, patented, and manufactured an unstructured pilgrim pace system, that is to say a system that allows products to be loaded and unloaded even on opposite sides, without having to rotate the products with respect to the vertical axis, without losing loading capacity of the poles, therefore of the hanging frames, however they are made.

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Operator panel for system management

Thanks to the advanced TFRC software, it adapts to the irregularities of existing frames, which are often not made for automation; our system is characterized by a very high precision of movements that allows managing the insertion into the frames of bars even with very limited dimensional tolerances. An operator panel makes it easy to manage the system, and remote technical assistance is available.

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