UCR Cooking and Cooling Unit

Function: Cook and cool, Multi-molds

Using water for heat treatments of meat, vegan products or vacuum-packed cheeses, whether cooking, pasteurization or cooling, optimizes the uniform transmission of heat inside the treatment units, therefore to the products.

In steam treatments, surface condensation generates a thermal barrier; using water optimizes thermodynamic exchange, with lower delta T obtaining greater gradualness and continuity in temperature management, with a reduction in treatment time and consequent significant energy savings.
The same consideration is valid for cooling units, structurally coinciding with the cooking unit for cooked hams or vegan products, or made specifically for processed cheeses.

Information sheet

integration with the handling systems

Our UCR processing units integrate perfectly with the handling systems used for regular steam ovens,to which they can be placed side by side, and make it easy to use trolleys and frames to transport products, in molds or handled differently, whether they are destined for sale or for slicing lines (Legostampo system).

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