Vacuum packaging of slicing logs

Function: Package, Multi-molds

Having products to be sliced in long lengths makes it possible to optimize line performance in terms of productivity and reduction of head and tail waste.
Reducing the consumption of plastic material is increasingly important, a result that can be achieved by spreading the normal surplus of packages over a longer length. It is also important to use production methodologies that minimize the surplus, for example by avoiding sealing fins and using laminated materials of modest thickness.
To achieve this goal, we propose solutions using bags, whether overlapping or taped, with manual or robotic insertion of the bag onto the product supported by a conveyor belt of very modest thickness.

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The advancement device drags the bag, which rests on the product by wrapping it, to fit into an in-line vacuum heat sealer with a head sealing bar, such as our TSVCC (also usable for flow pack products), which still minimizes surplus while allowing high productivity. Another solution, particularly suitable for products up to 80 cm long and transversely stable, involves a diverter that operates in synchronism with the conveyor belt of a lid vacuum heat-sealing machine with belt.

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