Bagging and vacuum packaging

Function: Package

Automatic bagging reduces product contamination caused by human presence, resulting in lower production costs, and also makes vacuum heat sealing more reliable, avoiding contact between package and product in the sealing area, which is particularly important in the case of products with surface moisture, such as cooked hams.
Our packaging machines can handle bags of different materials, of different thicknesses, even in the presence of flaps handled in the opening and flattened for sealing, avoiding or reducing the presence of folds and micro-folds that increase the risks of vacuum loss.
The bagging line is complemented by our vacuum heat-sealing tunnels, with reduced space requirements, or by vacuum lid belt machines.

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The products pass on an accumulating belt for subsequent transfer to our vacuum heat-sealing tunnel, with automatic inlet and outlet opening and right or left loading direction, as it is for the bagger. The loading and unloading doors move vertically without creeping on the seals, ensuring maximum vacuum level and low maintenance requirements.

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