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Salting and massaging machines: the solution for natural and low-sodium salting

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Our salting and massaging machines, either drum or moving tank, perform the perfect and homogeneous salting of products such as coppa, pancetta, loins, bacon, bresaola and culatelli in the traditional way, that is, by promoting the natural salting of the products and obtaining the best quality.

It is increasingly important to limit the salt content of products, and high saltiness is a deterrent toward consumption of the already much-criticized cured meats.

With our massaging and salting machines SMB and SMO models, the realization of a gentle but effective massage, of modest duration, not necessarily in cold storage, repeated a few days apart favors the natural osmotic principle of saltingwithout the need to add additives to obtain, where necessary, slice tightness and adhesion of products placed in the same casing, allows the use of lower percentages of salt than any other technology; for example, for coppa, our customers add salt to the extent of 2.7 – 2.8%, or even less!