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TDSAL de-clipping and cutting machine: efficient and accurate processing

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Our de-clipping and cutting machine model TDSAL is able to singularly process cylindrical shaped products such as cured salami, cooked salami, mortadella, roasts, and is self-adjusting to standard dimensional variations of products.

De-clipping, effective even for clips partially recessed into the product, minimizes product removal. Productivity, depending on product characteristics, is 15 to 18 units/1′, which becomes about 30 in the double-head de-clipping machine.

The cutting unit can divide the product into 2 parts of similar weight, with 30°, 45°, 90° cutting kits, even in the same machine. The touch operator panel allows you to manage the machine, including memorizing operating modes and forces to optimize both de-clipping and cutting.

It is also possible to connect to the machine remotely, either with the company’s management system or with our technical support service.