Coppa and bacon binding machine

Function: Bind

The binding is used to hang the product and to tighten it to give it the correct shape (coppa, loins) and, for rolled products (bacon and cured bacon), to ensure complete adhesion of the muscle bands.

Natural rope binding loses its tightening function after the initial weight drop, when normally the desired adhesion has already been achieved. By using elastic rope for spiral binding, the tightening capacity lasts longer and there is no dropping of the coils, which are otherwise retained by manually performed “crossings” of rope called “passetti.”

Aesthetically, the use of natural rope mimics manual tying, while elastic rope perpetuates the memory of it with a better aesthetic result than elastic netting.



The LCP binding machine can use natural or elastic rope, allows the adjustment of the number of initial and final spirals, the tying pitch, the pull of the rope, therefore the tightening of the product, which is done in progression to give the product the required and correct cylindrical shape. The aesthetic result is quite similar to that obtainable with traditional manual tying. It is possible to tie up to 300 coppa/h, with the required pitch for Parma and Piacenza cups, and more generally, productivity depends on the binding machine model, product length and tying pitch, as well as the skill of the operator.

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